As a company, RoboCom has both very focused domain expertise, as well as broad technical experiences.  These experiences allow us to perform at all phases of the software development life cycle: proposal,  planning, budgeting, definitions, analysis, modeling, design, coding, implementation, testing, integration, deployment and maintenance.  Our experience includes developing real-time embedded systems, desktop distributed database enterprise systems, fat and thin client interfaces, client control applications, dedicated test tools, HMIs, modeling/simulation, network emulation, network impairments and re-purposing open source software.

A strength of our company is our agility, adaptability, and versatility resulting from these collective work experiences.  Our work experiences provide a solid foundation for providing comprehensive solutions across broad technical domains in a world of ever evolving technologies.

The following list of projects, listed in reverse chronological order, are ones that we have completed since forming the company, as well as significant projects from our past.  We have been involved in developments for decades, therefore this is not a comprehensive list.


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