Service Details

Network Systems Engineering Details

  • Wired, wireless, MANET and airborne networks network design, development and analysis, security, and quality of service.
  • Network design, development and analysis.
  • Network modeling, simulation and performance characterization (e.g. latency, loss, availability, etc.).
  • Integration network design and performance within overall system design and performance.
  • Network addressing, routing and protocols.
  • Network Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Network security and information assurance.
  • Network management systems.
  • Shared RF channel protocol development for standard and custom applications.
  • Packet routing algorithms using standardized, customizable or unique methods for mobility, path reliability or constrained parameter optimization techniques.
  • Analysis and retrofitting of existing communications waveforms for enhanced operational objectives.
  • Intrinsic network visibility engineered at the core level of product development for seamless deployment realization.
  • Networking proficiency across military, industrial and commercial system realization.
  • Implementation and adaptation of prevailing and forward-looking network software components for information assurance, security, service quality and reliability.