Service Details

Communications System Design Details

  • Requirements definition, analysis and verification.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Modeling and simulation.
  • System architecture.
  • System specification.
  • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation.
  • System design and development.
  • System integration and implementation.
  • System verification.
  • Ground and airborne systems.
  • RF communication system modeling, analysis, design and optimization.
  • Physical layer modeling, analysis and design.
  • Modulation, coding and error correction modeling, analysis and design.
  • Link layer and Media Access Control (MAC) layer modeling, analysis and design.
  • Airborne communication network modeling, design and analysis.
  • Airborne communication system payload design and analysis.
  • Airborne network capacity, performance and revenue analysis.
  • Development of ¬†standards and guidelines for tasks being performed.